Floorcookie Productions

"Mike and Chad are the greatest filmmakers of all time."
                           - Mike Ward / Chad Harris

Welcome to Floorcookie Productions – our ongoing creative development project and home of the web's best prices on slightly unsanitary cookies. (Remember, we won’t sell any cookie that's been on the floor longer than 10 seconds – or your money back.)

Between the two of us, we've done a lot. We've done short films, commercials, websites, and more. Our combined experience in advertising, web development, writing, directing and producing have resulted in a host of projects we're proud to say we worked on. Concept development, copywriting, acting, directing, producing, filming, editing, and web design are just some of the skills we have to offer. In addition, Chad can also play the William Tell Overture on his cheeks, and Mike is learning to yodel.

Feel free to check out the site and see what we've been up to. Here you'll find everything you want to know about us, along with a few things you don't. If you like what you see, why not give us a call and invite us over to do some top notch work for you?

We'll bring the cookies.


We recently submitted an entry to the 107.5 "Show Us Your End" contest, and, after our first attempt - which was much too literal and resulted in our getting chased out of the station - we decided to actually read the directions and submitted a commercial of our own. We were picked as one of the top 6 entries and will be interviewed on the station and have our spot aired on the WB30.

Because of the interest that's been generated by the station we put some of our outtakes up on the demo page. Enjoy, and don't forget to go to 107.5 The End to see all the entries and vote (for us)!